Today is a very special day indeed. But, then again aren’t all days in professional wrestling? The longer the stories unfold and new milestones are reached, that adds to even more days on the calendarĀ that give us reason to celebrate.

Bobby Lashley is currently top dog at Impact Wrestling but today should hold a special place in his heart. In 2007, Chris Masters was receiving his first real push from WWE. He was challenging all comers to try and break out of his Master Lock. It was a great old-school tactic to get heat and worked like a charm for quite some time.

Then Bobby Lashley showed up and WWE wanted to strap a rocket to him quickly. He was being pushed as a “Brock Lesnar 2.0” kind of gimmick so when he showed up to take on the Master Lock Challenge people were more than ready to see Masters’ streak come to an end.

Ironically, Chris’ last name is now Adonis and he’s in Impact Wrestling on Bobby’s level once more. It very well might be possible for us to see the two of these square off once more under a different company name. Wrestling is fun.

Today is also AJ Lee’s birthday. CM Punk’s wifeĀ is turning the big 30 today and she’s already well on her way past professional wrestling with a book on the way and an MMA fighter for a husband, although one day she very well might be married to a professional wrestler again, at least we hope so.