Mojo Rawley has some pretty cool friends. The former NFL and College athlete is very close to Rob Gronkowski. Their friendship has been heavily documented.

Gronk even made an appearance in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. It was a great spot where he took out Jinder Mahal. Now Jinder is #1 contender for the WWE World Championship. It’s funny how things work out the way they do in WWE.

Apparently, Mojo and Gronk’s friendship involves a lot of time in the gym. So, while Gronkowski has some free time, he likes to get in some workouts with Mojo Rawley.

Little did we know Rob Gronkowski was such an entertaining commentator. Gronk really has some chops for the spoken word as he narrates a workout video of Mojo’s routine with a sled. It’s pretty funny and we suggest you watch it. Not just because Mojo is a hyped-up beast either. Gronk has some pretty clever rhyming lines in there as well.

Team 3D’s Wrestling Academy is a place where people can learn about professional wrestling from people who have lived it. Students are not only taught moves in the ring, but receive a well-rounded lesson in the pro wrestling business.

Bubba Ray Dudley recently posted a video of D-Von leading a class. They’re watching a film and D-Von carries on with instruction every step of the way. His words are wise and you can tell by how he teaches that the man who has held tag team gold all around the world really cares about his students’ success.

This is a very cool video. D-Von instructs his students to take an attitude in the business that will hopefully someday guide them to prosperity. His students should take everything he says to heart. After all, we know if D-Von was trying to give us advice, we’d certainly listen.