John Cena is at it again. It seems that every time you turn around John Cena is popping up somewhere new. If he’s not hosting award shows, he’s on American Grit or filming a new movie. He’s even gotten into the commercial game as a spokesman.

Have you ever been watching television and a commercial with a talking elephant trying to sell you pistachios sounds familiar? That’s probably because he’s voiced by a certain sixteen time WWE Champion.

Cena was featured in Hefty’s run of commercials last summer and received a lot of praise for his work. A new set of commercials just dropped and will start making rotation very soon (if you haven’t already seen them) and they’re even better than last year’s campaign.

You can see in the first video that an older woman does a large amount of the heavy work for Big Match John. That woman who John calls his mom is really the woman who gave birth to Super Cena. She’s like the Lara (or Martha Kent) to WWE’s Superman. You can tell she’s got some acting chops too, it might be only a matter of time before some big motion picture gets greenlit where she plays a supporting role to her own son… that would be pretty epic.

In the second commercial, a group of women does what they do best around John Cena and that’s swoon over him. It’s a good thing Nikki Bella wasn’t around or those ladies would be heading for the hills. But then again, Hefty already probably spent a lot securing John Cena. Maybe they’ll have enough money in the budget for Nikki next time.

These commercials are great and only adds to the reel of excellence John Cena has been able to craft for himself. Say what you want about Cena, he’s pretty darn likable and can sell stuff like nobody’s business.

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