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You never know what will happen when you see a WWE house show. If you were lucky enough to see AJ Styles defeat Kevin Owens for the United States Championship in Madison Square Garden then you can certainly attest to that fact.

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John Cena and Bray Wyatt were set to do battle at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington WV on Saturday night. But Bray didn’t seem to come for much of a fight. After three attempts to get the match going John Cena kept watching his opponent powder out of the ring and head for the hills. It was a great way to waste some time in the main event because nobody needs to take too many bumps at a house show, especially if they’re John Cena.

But after watching Bray Wyatt head up the aisle the third time, Big Match John grabbed the microphone and started spitting fire at the Eater Of Worlds. John talked about how he has a tradition in West Virginia and how long he’s been touring with WWE.

After that John Cena led the crowd in a rendition of the John Denver classic, “Country Roads.” However, John’s attempt at a sing-a-long was short lived as Bray Wyatt jumped in at the last second and ruined the impromptu concert.

Everyone saw this heel action from Wyatt coming, but it was a great way to draw heat nonetheless. Bray broke up Cena’s song and ended the West Virginia anthem very abruptly.

It’s things like this that you can only get at a WWE house show and this writer was able to capture the moment to share with everyone. My apologies that it is a reply to WWE’s happy birthday wishes to Governor Jesse Ventura as the arena was dark and I didn’t notice I had clicked on the tweet. But it’s still a pretty entertaining little clip.