jinder mahal

There are few people who have shot up the roster in WWE faster than Jinder Mahal. The Maharaja went from lucky to be on television to holding the biggest belt on SmackDown Live. Now everywhere Jinder Mahal seems to go he is met with awe and respect. It’s not like he wasn’t respected before, but now people really have no reason to hinder Jinder.

Mahal has given a lot of credit to the rejuvenation of his physique to the fact he gave up drinking, instituted a new workout program, and started eating Nutrition Solutions prep meals. Nutrition Solution meals are pre-packaged high-protein meals formulated for a balanced diet and maximum results.

Jinder recently talked to CBS Sports about his turn around and how Nutrition Solutions helped him. “I kind of did hit rock bottom. I stopped caring. I was out of shape, drinking,” Mahal said. “I was just not caring, and one day, I just stopped drinking. I ordered the Nutrition Solutions meal prep, and I started training again.”

Mahal recently returned to pick up his Nutrition Solution prep meals with his new title in tow. He was met with a hero’s welcome, to say the least. We’re sure they appreciate the advertising too.

Everyone at Nutrition Solutions is very proud of everything Jinder has accomplished and they’re happy to have been able to help him along the way. This is just a sampling of the congratulations Jinder has received since his title win. But it’s still really cool that it was captured for us all to see. He’s in an amazing place in his career, that’s for sure.

Jinder Mahal took some selfies with the staff at Nutrition Solutions and hung out for a bit with his WWE World Title before he took off with his meals. It’s really cool to see Mahal receive this kind of support.

The Maharaja might be all smiles here, but we shouldn’t get used to it. With the kind of heat seeking promos he’s been delivering Mahal is becoming one of the hardest people to like in WWE. But don’t get us wrong, The Modern Day Maharaja is still awesome.