For some reason whenever a WWE Superstar ventures into the territory of their home town they are bound to lose. You can see the examples of WWE’s “home town curse” all over the place throughout history.

When Heath Slater traveled to Huntington, WV it was common knowledge he would be well-received. Many showed up wearing Slater’s merchandise and some people might have known him personally. After all, he’s got a ton of kids so a lot of people probably know his family

Heath Slater and Rhyno teamed alongside Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neil as his manager. It was the opening match of the night and when Heath Slater’s entrance music hit the Big Sandy Superstore Arena exploded for the West Virginia native. Some called it the pop of the night next to John Cena and 2/3 of the Shield.

Slater’s team of babyfaces squared off against The Club and Curt Hawkins. Although it was back-and-forth at times, in the end, Heath found himself alone in the ring with Hawkins and he was able to secure a clean victory.

After the match, Heath Slater’s team joined The One Man Band in the middle of the ring for a birthday celebration. Titus retrieved a “happy birthday” sign from the crowd and Heath held it up high while they rejoiced in this victory.

It was a great 34th birthday for Heath Slater as he got to not only spend it in his home state, but he also got to pick up a nice win. Although it might be a rarity for a WWE Superstar to come out victorious during a match in their home state when it happens it’s a special thing.

You can see from the clips below how happy the crowd was to share in this moment with Heath Slater and make sure he had the best birthday possible.