During the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw, Goldberg cut a pre-Royal Rumble promo to close out the show. His head was bleeding due to a headbutt on a locker room door, which was a classic Goldberg tactic used back in his prime. However, it’s since been retired from WWE TV.

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The bigger issue is Goldberg’s “bleeding promo” wasn’t well received backstage despite the overwhelming response the WWE Universe had to Goldberg being in the same ring as Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker simultaneously. In particular, Vince McMahon was unhappy.

It’s been reported by WrestletalkTV┬ávia WNW, that Vince McMahon has never been a fan of Goldberg’s work on the microphone and he viewed the promo on Raw as a debacle. That is very curious because Goldberg has had a lot of time on the mic since his recent return to WWE television.

He’s never been considered a “promo guy” by any stretch, but a lot of people have had said he’d improved a great deal. As you know, Vince McMahon is a perfectionist, so anything that doesn’t go perfectly will get criticized. We’ll have to wait see how it influences Goldberg’s promo time going forward.