vince mcmahon

WWE held their big conference call today to discuss the company’s earnings from the fourth quarter of 2017, and some interesting numbers were revealed. It was revealed today that the WWE Network currently has 1.47 million paid subscribers.

There are currently 1.06 paid subscribers in the United States, and 0.41 million international paid subscribers. During the conference call George Barrios noted that the WWE Network is the company’s second largest revenue stream at the moment, and there have been talks about offering fans different tiers, but it’s not known when WWE might be moving forward with those plans.

As noted Vince McMahon announced recently that the XFL will be returning in 2020, and there’s been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not the relaunch will have an impact on Vince’s role with WWE.

When the XFL was first announced, Vince made it a point to say that he will not be at the forefront in regards to how the league is run, and that he will be hiring a team of professionals who know how to run a football league.

Vince was asked once again during the conference call if his role with WWE will change due to the XFL, and according to PWInsider he said that there will be no changes in what he does day to day and he reiterated that there will be a separate team running the XFL.

He also noted that the initial $100 million he’s putting into the league won’t be enough to fund it, but he didn’t comment beyond that.