roman reigns

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman had an intensely physical match last night at Great Balls of Fire, that saw Strowman emerge victorious when it was Reigns who ended up in the back of the ambulance.

This was a shock to many of the WWE Universe who believed that this match was basically an unconfirmed number one contenders match for the Universal Championship and it would be Reigns who would go on to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam in six weeks time.

Instead, it seems that the current plan is for The Monster Among Men to step up and challenge Lesnar next month after he was supposed to face Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire last night, but was injured in the buildup.

The plan is still in place for Reigns and Lesnar to main event WrestleMania 34 next April, which means that the former champion will have to stay out of the title picture until after the Royal Rumble to allow the showdown to be able to build.

It is unknown how Braun will come back from the beating he was subjected to at the hands of Roman Reigns last night and be able to claim that he wants Lesnar next, but these are reported to be the plans moving forward for WWE.

Somehow WWE allowed Reigns to lose clean and still look strong, which is exactly what they needed to do if they want Roman to look like a big enough threat to Brock Lesnar that he can be the only one to dethrone him of his Universal Championship.

Brock Lesnar himself went to war last night with Samoa Joe as the former NXT Champion looked as though he could actually defeat The Beast a number of times, the crowd in Dallas last night chanted Joe’s name after Great Balls Of Fire went off the air and it seems that many of the WWE Universe would have preferred news of a rematch between the two heavyweights instead.