alexa bliss

No Mercy is now less than two weeks away and the Raw Women’s Championship has already been announced for the event. It will see Alexa Bliss take on Emma, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax in a fatal four-way match for the first time as Champion.

Alexa and Nia have had a rivalry building over the past few months and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is to have the two women go head to head for the Raw Women’s Championship which means that the fatal four-way could potentially see Alexa retain by pinning either Emma or Sasha.

It would make no sense for Nia Jax to lose now if she is going to be seen as a credible threat to Alexa’s title reign, but she will have quite a big role in the match next weekend.

Perhaps Alexa and Nia will finally do battle at TLC in just over a month, or WWE will wait and allow the women to have their long awaited one-on-one showdown at Survivor Series in November instead. Either way, it seems that WWE is going to give this feud the build up and the time it deserves, which is exactly what the WWE Universe has been asking for.