kevin owens

Bobby Lashley turned heel when he faced Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw this week, and the fans seemed to get behind the idea of Owens as a babyface.

It remains to be seen whether or not Owens will end up working as a face in the future, but for now he’s off TV.

After the match Bobby Lashley attacked him to set up an injury angle, and it was later reported that the former Universal Champion is set to undergo knee surgery.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the hope is Owens will only need minor surgery, but the extent of his knee injury won’t be known until he’s opened up.

It’s possible that Owens could need major surgery, but that won’t be determined until next week.

If he needs minor surgery he’s expected to be out for 4 months, if he needs major surgery he’s expected to be out for 8 months.