There have been some reports saying Neville walked out of WWE before Raw went on the air this week. There has been some worry in recent weeks the former NXT Champion was actually a bit upset about his position in the company. After all, the King Of The Cruiserweights lost his crown to Enzo Amore at No Mercy and following that he seemed to lose any future chances at reclaiming his title after violating a no-contact clause.

The rumors were kicked into high-gear on Tuesday evening and now there’s even more traction to them as F4Wonline is now reporting they can confirm Neville walked out before Raw this week.

As previously noted, the plans for Raw needed to be changed at the last minute because Kalisto’s title win over Enzo Amore wasn’t in the original script for the show. The initial plan was for Enzo vs Kalisto to happen for the first time at TLC. The first plans involved Neville facing Enzo in a non-title match, but that obviously never happened.

Neville’s last tweet concerning the matter didn’t sound like he was too happy with his position with the company at all.

If Neville never makes it back to WWE, there are going to be plenty of options open for him. Not only is the door open to the man formerly known as Pac throughout the world to apply his trade, but one gigantic stable of revolutionaries might be already extending an offer.

Matt Jackson of The Bullet Club reached out to Neville via Twitter in the form of simply including a picture of The Bullet Club’s iconic shirt which is available at Hot Topics all over the place. This certainly sounded like a genuine offer, or at least it’s as far as they can go at this point because until Neville is actually released from his WWE contract it might be tricky talking to him.

But it’s great to know The Bullet Club appears to have a generous offer for Neville. After all, there’s a very good chance Neville will be able to wrestle more people than just Cruiserweights if he joined up with The Bullet Club.

Will Ospreay has also mentioned how he would love to take on Neville as soon as they can make it happen too and this matchup already has supporters.