On this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, fans saw Murphy face off against King Corbin, and Murphy made his way out to the ring with the Mysterio family by his side.

King Corbin also made his way to the ring with some backup, as he entered the ThunderDome with two hooded men wearing suit jackets walking behind him.

At one point Michael Cole said that he got a good look at their faces, and he identified them as Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, and noted that they were part of the Forgotten Sons.

Blake and Cutler stood at ringside with their hoods on, and Murphy stared them down a few times.

As Murphy went to the top rope, Cutler and Blake attacked Dominik and Rey Mysterio. As Murphy chased them outside, and then back into the ring, he ended up running into an End of Days from Baron Corbin which enabled Corbin to pick up the victory.

After the match Corbin celebrated with his henchmen as Murphy and the Mysterio family looked on from the ring.