Below is the newest interview with Michael Cole and Triple H. Here are some highlights:

* Michael Cole apologized for his actions during last week’s interview, for overstepping his bounds. Triple H said the apology is accepted but unnecessary because Cole was just doing his job – asking tough questions. Triple H asked Cole not to push him on questions Cole knows he cannot answer.

* Triple H said he’s excited for Lita and proud of her. He called her a trailblazer. He announces the WWE Network will show the Hall of Fame ceremony, in its entirety, live that Saturday night before WrestleMania XXX.

* Regarding Batista getting upset on RAW in the backstage segment, Triple H said he’s not sure if Batista is upset at management, he’s just a hothead. Triple H said it’s up to Batista to prove that he’s the same Animal he was four years ago.

* Triple H is not disappointed in Randy Orton for his recent losses to the Elimination Chamber opponents. Triple H thinks Cesaro may be Orton’s toughest opponent yet. Triple H said Cesaro is the guy nobody will be expecting and is good enough to walk out the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

* Triple H said he would indeed consider the winner of the Chamber to be the face of WWE.