Vince McMahon has been in the professional wrestling business for quite some time now, and Tony Khan has been in the business for just a few years. It’s been widely reported that Vince McMahon has a habit of tearing up scripts for Monday Night Raw as he makes changes to the show sometimes just shortly before it airs.

AEW President Tony Khan has a different approach and during a recent interview with Forbes he shared some insight into his creative process while questioning other creative minds that might rip up scripts.

“I did lean more on people around me,” Khan said when discussing writing TV as AEW Dynamite premiered. “I would try to trust my instincts, but it’s hard when you don’t have as much experience. I do take a lot of pride in the booking. I work with a lot of really smart people. What I think I do a good job of is being organized dealing with a lot of different people and going through ideas. I have a lot of great, creative minds that are in the company that I have full-time access to like Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, Jon Moxley has great ideas. Now, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole have come in with great ideas. We have a lot of awesome things happening right now and I’m proud of that and I try to keep it all organized and balanced. I’ve found that it’s helped me a lot, writing the shows myself.

I don’t understand the idea of having a lot of different people write the show and then a person would go in the day of and rip it to pieces and try to come up with new ideas. To be honest, when I hear about somebody going in and they have a TV show on Monday that they rip up, my first thought is, ‘What were you doing all weekend?’ I work my ass off on the weekends. I have to come in with a plan for Wednesday and Friday night. I want to make sure Dynamite and Rampage is great.”

H/T Fightful