intercontinental champion

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins kicked off Monday Night Raw this week when he cut a promo in the middle of the ring, and Rollins held nothing back.

Seth talked about the current state of Monday Night Raw, and he called out acting General Manager Baron Corbin.

He told Corbin that Raw has sucked, and it’s sucked because of him.

Rollins blamed Corbin for the fact that ratings are at an all time low, and he told him that he doesn’t know how to use the talent on the roster.

Corbin then told Rollins that after he defeats Baron Corbin at TLC and becomes Raw GM permanently, he will then focus on making Seth’s life a living hell.

That’s when Seth challenged Corbin to a TLC match on Raw, but Corbin declined.

Rollins taunted Corbin by calling him a coward over and over, and Corbin finally gave in, but he announced that the IC Title will be on the line in the match.

Stay tuned for results from tonight’s IC Title match.