We’re a little over one week removed from the very successful NXT Takeover: R Evolution and everyone is still raving about it. Every aspect of the show is getting praised top to bottom and with good reason. The reaction to NXT Takeover: R Evolution should serve as a huge wake up call to WWE in regards to what the fans want from the product.

It’s not a stretch by any means to say that NXT is the superior product at the moment and the truth is, there’s a lot that the WWE main roster could learn from NXT. When we say main roster we don’t just mean the wrestlers. We mean everything from the writers to the production crew. There’s a lot that WWE could be learning from NXT and the thing that they desperately need to be paying attention to is the writing.

Recent reports have said that NXT Takeover: R Evolution was written by one guy. Episodes of Monday Night Raw are written by a team of writers and then usually changed by Vince McMahon last minute. Do you see the difference?

Raw usually comes off like a show that was written by a team of writers and then changed at the last minute and NXT comes off as a show that was written by one guy with a clear vision which in turn makes it more often than not a more coherent show. WWE should be adapting this mentality when it comes to writing Raw because there are too many talented stars on the WWE main roster without direction. In NXT everyone seems to have a clear cut path and something to do long term for the most part but on Raw it’s the complete opposite.

We’ve talked about the storylines, now let’s get down to the action.

The action in NXT is must see TV. Most of the bigger names in NXT (guys like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Adrian Neville) have cut their teeth in the business by wrestling all over the world. These guys were already top stars in the indies before coming to NXT and their experience shows. These are the guys putting on the type of matches that make wrestling seem cool again. NXT has better action and any wrestling fan will tell you that.

NXT just comes off more like a wrestling show where Raw comes off like an entertainment show with bad pop culture references. The fans want wrestling, the fans want what NXT has to offer. The WWE may be in a rough spot right now but NXT is proof that when the next generation takes over, we’re in for something truly special.

Triple H has truly created a unique brand with NXT. Although it’s under the WWE umbrella it truly feels different. WWE has been spinning its wheels in the same spot for almost a decade while NXT is constantly moving forward and progressing.

Take the hint WWE. We want less sports entertainment and more wrestling. We want NXT.

Is it time for the takeover yet?