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The Miz has been a WWE Superstar for some time now, and throughout the course of his career he’s won championship gold many times.

Miz is certainly used to winning titles, but he’s only managed to capture the WWE Championship once in his career. The A-Lister cashed in Money in the Bank on Randy Orton in November of 2010, and he carried the championship all the way to the Extreme Rules pay-per-view where he dropped the belt to John Cena in May of 2011.

The former WWE Champion recently spoke to Busted Open and shared his thoughts on why he hasn’t won the title again, and he noted that there’s no clear cut answer.

“I don’t know. If I look at myself in the mirror and I’m completely honest with myself, I look at myself and I’m like, ‘Well, you’re only 6’1″. You’re only 200 something lbs.’, but then you sit there and go, well, Daniel Bryan, but Daniel Bryan is known as a technical wrestler. I always drive it back to I’m known as a reality star. Reality stars aren’t supposed to be butt-kickers, but I think I’ve proven myself to do that. And honestly, I think it’s just bad timing sometimes. I wish there was just a clear-cut answer on why I’m not the guy. Maybe the creative thinks differently. I always have this problem. Whenever someone comes out of a meeting or something, I’m like, ‘Man I lost,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, but tomorrow you’ll get back on the microphone and nobody will remember that loss,’ but then I’m like, yeah, but once you start losing quite a bit in WWE, people start looking at you like a loser.”

Miz also noted that he thinks good guys seem to go further in WWE, and he knows he’s not good at being a good guy.

“You need to have wins under your belt, big wins. And I’ve always been a bad guy. I’m really good at being a bad guy. I’m not good at being a good guy. I know I’m not, and sometimes I think that’s the reason, because if you look at WWE, it’s a good guy business. You look at our biggest stars, they’ve always been good guys. I’ve always been that catalyst, that person that’s a villain, that will do whatever it takes to cheat, lie, or do whatever. Whenever I am going over the hump where people are starting to respect me and say who were cheering this guy now, I’m just so good at being bad that it just doesn’t work in my opinion. Maybe that’s it.”

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