cm punk

CM Punk’s exit from WWE in 2014 after the Royal Rumble event shocked us all. It didn’t take long for Punk to appear on his buddy Colt Cabana’s podcast over the matter where he let everything go in an epic two-episode story about why he left WWE.

During his story, CM Punk said he had a staph infection which wasn’t treated by WWE’s doctor properly and afterward Dr. Chris Amann promptly sued both Punk and Colt Cabana for $1 million in a libel case.

We are on day two of this trial and some very interesting information is beginning to come out about certain text messages and emails Punk had with Dr. Chris Amann. Most notably are some messages from CM Punk complaining about a headache.

WrestleZone reports that nearly 2 months of digital correspondences were opened up in court including a key portion from November 2013- December 2014 where Punk complained about headaches causing him to say in one message: “My head is killing me. Why do I have these headaches?” It should be noted that CM Punk woked on the road with WWE this entire time even though he was apparently going through some pretty serious physical issues.

Chris Amann spent some time describing certain things about pro wrestling such as terms and said CM Punk didn’t listen to him during his time in the company. Although it hasn’t affected his position with WWE, Dr. Amann does have another practice.

In the text messages, it was revealed that Punk was complaining about coughing and his ribs were “killing him.” Amann offered to talk to him asking what time his flight was but The Second City Saint said he couldn’t talk at the moment and went on to say how he “finds this all ridiculous” before saying he wanted to go to a hospital when he got home.

During the 2014 Royal Rumble, Dr. Chris Amann had to come down to the ring and check on Punk after he told an official that he saw “zig-zags/squiggly lines” after a clothesline from Kofi Kingston. They tried to pull Punk from the match, but according to these messages, Punk made the decision himself to stay in the match.

According to the newly released messages CM Punk complained about fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, days of vomit, headaches and other symptoms but he was on the road and fully medically cleared to compete by WWE’s doctor.

Hopefully, this case is over soon enough but at this point, only time will tell how long it will drag out.