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When Roman Reigns returned to WWE last year he returned in a big way. Reigns aligned himself with Paul Heyman, and shortly after he won the Universal Championship, which he currently holds.

The Paul Heyman/Roman Reigns pairing has been receiving a lot of praise, and it’s helped bring out a different side of Roman Reigns that fans aren’t used to seeing on WWE programming.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin was asked to share his opinion on the pairing, and he had nothing but good things to say about Reigns and Heyman.

“That’s such a great package. They complement each other so well. Roman can work his ass off. He’s always been very solid in the ring, but now there’s this bond and this chemistry between Roman and Paul.

“That’s what Paul Heyman does. He makes anybody he’s with that much better. It happened for me, too. If you want to suspend your disbelief, you can’t but help believe he’s Roman’s rock of knowledge. The presentation, the package and the chemistry between these two looks and sounds like money.”

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