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Every wrestler knows that in order to make it to the top it helps if you can cut a great promo, but some talents are better on the mic than others. Over the years Steve Austin has been critical of Randy Orton’s promos, but it seems that Austin’s opinion of Orton’s mic skills has changed drastically.

The Hall of Famer recently talked about Randy Orton’s appearance on Broken Skull Sessions on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, and he had nothing but good things to say about Orton.

“So impressed with how charismatic and personable he was – and just, I mean, I just really had a connection with that guy. I barely know Randy – I was kind of almost on my way out when he came in, and, you know, I was doing my own thing, I’ve always been a loner. So, we never hung out.

So, I think I kinda, through the years said, ‘The guy’s a great worker but his promos aren’t there.’ You know, right now, as you know, his promos are just killing people. They’re lights out. He went from being always a great worker, to now, one of the best promos that there is going and has been. I’m super proud of that guy, but hanging with him – very magnetic, very charismatic. It really caught me off guard how magnetic and charismatic he is.”

Orton has received a lot of praise from the wrestling community over the last year or so for the work he’s done with names like Edge, Drew McIntyre and recently Bray Wyatt.

It’s been confirmed that Randy Orton will face The Fiend during night 2 of WrestleMania 37. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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