steve austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin knows a thing or two about the professional wrestling business and throughout the course of his career he worked with some of the biggest stars in the industry.

During a recent interview with Ryan Satin for WWE on FOX the Hall of Famer was asked about his current favorites from the WWE roster, and he praised Bayley for her heel work.

“Well, I’ve said in the past as well. When Bayley turned heel, I think she became one of the most entertaining heels in the business. There’s layers to her work. From a female standpoint, Charlotte Flair came back recently and Becky Lynch left because she was having a baby, but right now, I really like Bayley’s heel work. I’ve been liking it for quite some time.”

While talking about his favorite male superstar Austin noted that he once saw current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as a mid card guy, but Mick Foley convinced him to take a second look.

“But Foley told me, ‘you should watch this guy.’ I’ve been watching him. To meet him in person and get a feel for his physicality and mentality and way he thinks about the business, I’m very impressed with Drew. He’s really earned the position he’s at in the business today.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.