shane mcmahon

Shane McMahon shocked the world when he returned to WWE in 2016, and he’s been consistently appearing on WWE programming ever since. Shane is the current Commissioner on SmackDown Live, but fans have often wondered just how much power he does, or doesn’t have backstage.

It’s believed that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will be gaining more power in WWE in the years to come. So where does that leave Shane? During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Stephanie talked about his role with the company and confirmed that at this point he’s just an on air talent.

“Shane is a really strong talent for us right now, but he isn’t actually an executive with the company.”

It looks like WWE fans in Australia could be treated to a big WWE show later this year.

The Sportster is reporting that The Melbourne Cricket Ground is looking to host more big events this year, and WWE officials are trying to set something up with the 100,000 seat venue.

At this point it’s not known what type of event WWE has in mind for the venue whether it be a PPV, special event or live event.

Right now nothing is official, but both sides are reportedly working hard to reach an agreement.