impact wrestling

Tonight Impact Wrestling will be holding a live taping of Impact in Orlando, and a former star is in the house. It was recently reported that Sonjay Dutt had turned down offers to sign with ROH and work for WWE as a coach so that he could make his return to Impact Wrestling. Well, it looks like tonight’s the night, because Sonjay is in the Impact Zone.

Sonjay Dutt has a long history with Impact Wrestling, as he was one of the pioneers of the X-Division.

Oddly enough, Sonjay Dutt has never won the X-Division Championship. He told the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast a few months ago that he believes he never won the title because he was reluctant to sign a contract.

“I don’t know where their heads were at. I know that I didn’t want to sign a contract, so I’m sure that really limited what they would want to do with me. I wasn’t prepared to sign a contract.”

Dutt also has close ties to Jeff Jarrett, as he was the first ever GFW NEX*GEN Champion.

Sonjay Dutt made his return at the tapings, and it looks like another return is on the way. During the tapings a video package was shown hyping up the return of former TNA Tag Team Champion Crimson.

During the tapings Impact Wrestling ran a video package from Crimson and announced that he will be returning next week.