WWE Superstars might make more than the average blue collar worker, but if you consider the fact that they have to pay their own hotel, travel expenses, and taxes then it doesn’t add up to as much as one might imagine. Add in the fact that they could also have their belongings stolen from them while traveling from town-to-town, and it certainly can be a costly profession.

Heath Slater has been riding with Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension and they experienced an extremely unfortunate incident when their car was broken into in Oakland yesterday while they were in town for the Smackdown house show.

All three of the Smackdown stars lost belongings, but the incident is thankfully not nearly as devastating as what AJ Styles experienced last month. Although they might not have lost much, it is still a ridiculous crime against people who weren’t doing anything to deserve this whatsoever.

These guys came to Oakland in order to entertain people and this is what happened to them. It’s a real shame, and we here at Still Real To Us are both saddened and infuriated by this event.

We previously reported that Impact Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan have announced a partnership to join together for future shows. The only show announced so far is an event in Yokohama, Japan on March 12th, but new names have been added to the show.

We previously reported that Moose was announced for the event, and James Storm and Eddie Edwards have been added to the list of Impact Wrestling talent who will be participating in this cross-promotional event as well.