smackdown live

It’s time for SmackDown Live and we’re going to finally figure out who’s facing Jinder Mahal for his WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell. Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton are going to give it their all.

Opening segment

They gave a nice nod to JBL and wished him the best of luck. Then they introduced Corey Graves who was wearing a snazzy blue suit.

Randy and Nakamura both cut nice promos backstage and then the camera shot to the ring. Carmella and Ellsworth were already in the ring. There was about to be a match but first, Ellsworth wanted to say something.

Just as James Ellsworth was about to speak, Kevin Owens came down. He wanted the ref’s shirt and told him to take it off. Suddenly Shane McMahon came down to the ring to ruin KO’s fun.

Kevin looked at Shane with disdain (which is a very good tongue twister). Shane asked the crowd how they were doing and they cheered. McMahon said he was going to nip this in the bud. Then Shane started to talk down to Owens.

He said KO has been defiant of him and they need to make something very clear. Shane paused for some reason and Kevin just folded his arms waiting for some kind of response. McMahon said Owens needs to quit blaming him for his losses and listed off a few times when that happened.

Kevin said he didn’t want to be on SmackDown Live and if it was up to him he’d still be on Raw. Shane said Kevin was handed the Universal Championship and he should blame himself for not being successful on SmackDown.

Owens asked why Shane does everything to get the spot light and asked if it was because his daddy didn’t give him any attention. Owens brought up Shane’s dancing kids and McMahon got real for a moment when he said: “don’t talk about my kids again.”

Kevin said his whole family would have been better off if he hadn’t surprised that crash including his kids. Then Shane beat Kevin Owens’ ass.

The two ended up plummeting over the announce table while Shane couldn’t be pried off by officials. He kept hammering on KO and wouldn’t stop. But Shane was finally confronted by Daniel Bryan who asked: “what are you doing man?!”

Shane looked away and walked off while Kevin Owens was left laying on the ground.

So, Carmella isn’t going to have a match after all?

Backstage Segment

Kevin Owens was being helped backstage by some referees. He was really selling that beat down. Daniel Bryan walked up to apologize and KO said he hopes he enjoys his job. He’s going to turn SmackDown into the Kevin Owens Show… literally.

He said he was going to sue WWE and Shane will regret ever putting his hands on him. He talked like he was gasping for his dying breath but seemed to cool it down when he said he was going to press criminal charges on Shane McMahon.

Carmella vs Natalya

Oh, we do get a Carmella match with Natalya now! Mella spent a lot of time just chilling in the ring.

Natalya is such a great fit as champion and she’s worked hard to get another run at the top. Nattie’s goal in this match was to not only prove herself but also show Carmella was no match for her in the ring.

Mella had some nice offense and a fluid offense for a bit, but it soon resulted into trading slaps and Carmella crawling outside to escape The Black Hart. Nattie went out ot retrieve her and throw Carm back in the ring but then would eventually take it outside again.

Carmella took some damage by having her face smashed off of the LED board at ringside before Nattie tossed her back in the ring for more damage.

Nattie hit a couple snap suplexes and choked Mella with the middle rope right in front of Ellsworth. Then she applied a headlock to further weaken her opponent.

Mella fought back and ended up scoring a two count off of a reversal. She tossed Nattie in the corner and hit her Bronco Buster for another two count.

Then it was Carmella’s turn to choke Nattie with the middle rope in front of Ellsworth. Mella continued her offense on the SmackDown Women’s Champion for a bit but Nattie started firing with some stiff right hands while Naomi watched backstage.

Nattie used her strength to lift Mella up from a choke hold and slam her to the mat. Natalya tried to get on a Sharpshooter but Carm kicked and screamed until Nattie just shot her into the turnbuckle.

Mella came back with a move and laid Natalya out.

James Ellsworth jumped on the apron and the MITB briefcase accidentally fell in the ring. The ref picked up the briefcase and looked confused. Carmella started to yell at James and Nattie snuck up behind her with a roll-up pin and got the win.

Carmella got on the mic and said James didn’t have to say he’s sorry because she knows he’s sorry. He’s the sorriest excuse for a human being she’s ever met. She berated him and asked him how he’s still employed. She called James a charity case and his mother should have given him away at birth.

Carmella said Ellsworth has stuck his lack of a chin in her business for the last time. She said they were through and left James looking shocked in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Shane McMahon is shown backstage looking worried.

The Re-Debut Of Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler’s usual music hit and Dolph came out looking like himself. He had a mic and said the WWE Universe has no appreciation for what he does in the ring. He said they sit on their hands while the greatest WWE Superstar of all time wrestles in front of them.

He said they don’t want him. They just want some dumb gimmick. Suddenly, John Cena’s music hit, but the big screen remained Ziggler’s theme.

Ziggler came out and did a John Cena impression. He held up a rally towel to the camera and said: “buy it!”

Dolph Ziggler said “you didn’t like that? you like nostalgia, right?!” Then he went backstage and came out to Macho Man Randy Savage’s theme song with a woman on his arm. He stopped and said usually people buy that nostalgia crap.

Ziggler sent the woman away and said it’s not working. Then he said he knew exactly what they liked and what they deserve. Suddenly Naomi’s music hit and he came out with her glowing wig and trench coat on. He slid on his knees down the ramp and stopped suddenly. He better watch himself because Naomi is actually there and she’s probably not above beating up a former World Champion for dissing her glow.

Ziggler mocked the crowd saying anybody can do what he just did but no one can do what he does in the ring. “But you couldn’t care less, right? Well, guess what? I don’t give a damn about you either. You all make me sick” Ziggler concluded.

Then he walked off. Yup, that was one heck of a re-debut.

Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

Zayn’s music interrupted as Aiden started singing his introduction so that was neat.

This match was a redo from last week when Kevin Owens cost Sami Zayn a win. Sami took on most of the offense early on in this match but missed a cross body off the top rope. Then Aiden rolled Sami up and got the win.

Aiden English’s creepy weird operatic music played again as he said “now before I was so rudely interrupted…I give you the grand finale.” Then he sang some more. But Sami chased him backstage.

Backstage segment

New Day was there to brighten Daniel Bryan’s spirits. The Usos came in to give their stipulation and it’ll be a Vegas Street Fight. Xavier said, “may the odds forever be in our favor.” Big E said they’ll be the dealers and The Usos are about to bust.

Suddenly Daniel Bryan got a phone call while he was conveniently on camera. Daniel Bryan said “Yes sir. You want me to do what? In the ring? Really? Okay I’ll do it right now” Daniel Bryan hung up but he looked rather saddened.

Daniel Bryan Has Something To Say

Daniel Bryan walked to the ring without any music. He looked serious and breathed deeply as he ascended the stairs and got in the ring.

Daniel said he needed Shane McMahon to come to the ring but he didn’t show up. Daniel said he didn’t know if Shane was back there but he needed him to “please come down to the ring.” Finally, Shane showed up.

Bryan asked Shane what he was thinking and McMahon said, “things got a little out of control.”

Daniel Bryan brought up when The Miz was bashing him on a weekly basis and he wanted to headbutt him in the face but he didn’t. Shane told Daniel back then that he had to restrain himself because of his role on SmackDown Live.

“Shane, you can’t assault our employees or our Superstars,” Daniel Bryan said.

Shane said he took full responsibilities but when someone talks about his family he goes into a blind rage. Bryan said WWE is in trouble legally because KO is coming after them.

Shane said he will talk to Kevin and smooth it over. But Daniel said it’s too late for that. He said he got a call from Vince before he came to the ring and Shane McMahon was indefinitely suspended from SmackDown Live. “No!” chants filled the building.

Bryan left the ring and left Shane to soak up the “Shane-O Mac” chants for a bit. Then he casually walked off to a bunch of “thank you, Shane” chants.

Backstage Segment

Renee Young was backstage and introduced Jinder Mahal. He said it doesn’t matter whether Randy or Shinsuke wins tonight because he’s already beaten them both. He said he represents Asia better than Nakamura ever could. He’ll be watching the main event very closely.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

AJ Styles was already chilling at commentary next to Corey Graves. Corbin came to the ring looking unimpressed with the boos from the crowd.

Tye Dillinger is really over for someone who has yet to get a real push on the main roster. There were plenty of “10” chants.

Baron rolled out of the ring as soon as the bell sounded so he could run his mouth to AJ Styles. Dillinger jumped on Baron on the outside and launched Baron into the barricade. He stomped on The Lone Wolf, but Baron kicked him off.

The returned to the ring and Tye lit Baron up with some chops and clotheslined him over the top rope. Baron took his time walking around for a bit before getting back in the ring.

Tye continued his assault until Baron hit a big backbreaker to stop him in his tracks. Then it was Corbin’s chance to hurt someone for a little bit.

Baron clubbed Tye in the back of the head sending him crashing to mat and looked at AJ Styles at ringside. It seemed like Baron was really taking out his aggressions on The Perfect 10.

Tye turned things around for a moment and he got to stomp Baron down in the corner. He got Baron up for the Tye Breaker but it was reversed and Baron kicked him out of the ring. Baron sent Tye into the barricade and rolled him back in the ring.

Baron pointed at AJ Styles and tried to hit the Deep Six but it was reversed into a roll-up pin for a two count. Tye hit some mounted punches and Baron hit a cheap shot to the throat. Tye got sent into the turnbuckle while AJ Styles yelled, “cheap shot artist!”

Baron hit the End Of Days and won the match. AJ Styles didn’t seem very happy about it.

Backstage Segment

Tye Dillinger was seen backstage and AJ Styles told him he had a great fight. He said Corbin is a cheap shot artist once more and challenged Dillinger to a US Title match next week. He said the US Open Challenge is only open to him.

They aired a great promo package for Bobby Roode.

James Ellsworth approached Carmella and he tried to say I’m sorry for all he’s done. He said he is a freak, sub human, and he probably belongs in a zoo. He begged her for another chance.

Mella put her hand up and said “from now on, we’re doing things my way” and then she kissed James… then she slapped him. This was quite confusing.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Randy Orton

Nakamura and Randy felt each other out quickly and got to work. Randy ducked a kick from Shinsuke and Nakamura dodged an RKO from Orton.

Orton got some offense in and then it was Shinsuke’s turn. Randy rolled out of the ring and caught Nakamura with a right hand when he came out to join him.

It looked like Randy was trying a suspended DDT to the floor, but Nakamura jumped down to avoid the devastating move. Orton suplexed Nakamura onto the announce table and rolled him back in the ring for a two count.

Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers were sitting comfortably in a skybox watching the match go down.

Nakamura caught Orton with a kick and both men hit the canvas. Then Shinsuke hit a kick and started lighting Randy’s chest up with kick after kick but Randy caught the last one only to catch the other leg to the back of the head.

Nakamura did his spot with the knees in the corner and Randy collapsed to the mat for a two count.

Randy soon took control for a bit with a backbreaker but soon caught another kick to the head. Nakamura climbed to the top rope but Randy climbed up to join him. He hooked Nakamura’s arm and hit the one superplex of the night. Have you ever noticed you can usually count on a superplex somewhere in the main event?

1-2-kickout! Nakamura fought on and invited Randy to “bring it.”

Suddenly, Nakamura turned it on and started destroying Orton with his knees. But as Nakamura ran in for a Kinshasa, Randy caught him with a scoop slam for a two count.

Corey Graves was very disappointed he didn’t get to yell “KINSHASA!”

Randy hit his suspended DDT through the ropes but Nakamura counted an RKO with an armbar and transitioned it into a triangle choke. Randy fought to break free and lifted Nakamura up to plant him onto the mat.

Randy crawled up to Nakamura and measured him but Nakamura counted another RKO with a knee. Then Shinsuke Nakamura hit the “KINSHASSSSSSSSSSSA.”

1-2-3 and Shinsuke Nakamura has a date at Hell In A Cell with Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship.

Backstage Segment

Kevin Owens is walking backstage and Daniel Bryan walked up to him and said Shane’s been suspended so this is done. Kevin said they’re just getting started he said he’s going to turn SmackDown Live into his personal playground.

Daniel Bryan said someone is coming next week to handle this… Mr. McMahon.