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This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live featuring an explosive confrontation between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. The SmackDown Live Commissioner and the former WWE United States Champion met in the ring at the beginning of the show, and they talked trash to each other for a few minutes before things got physical.

Kevin Owens told Shane that his kids would have been better off if he hadn’t survived the helicopter crash he was involved in over the summer, and that’s when Shane lost it. Shane McMahon beat Kevin Owens down, and they had to be pulled apart. Backstage General Manager Daniel Bryan apologized to KO, but Kevin told Bryan that he’s going to sue the McMahon family and take WWE down.

Later in the show Bryan got a phone call backstage and he headed to the ring. Bryan walked down to the ring with no entrance music, and he had a somber look on his face as he called Shane McMahon out to the ring.

Shane then made his way to the ring with no entrance music as the crowd chanted for him and he grabbed a mic.

Bryan scolded Shane McMahon and told him that he can’t assault the employees or the Superstars on SmackDown Live. Shane said he takes full responsibility for his actions, but he went into a blind rage when Kevin Owens crossed the line and brought up his kids.

Shane said he would talk to Kevin Owens and smooth things over, but Bryan told him it’s too late for that. Daniel Bryan told Shane he got a call from Vince McMahon, and effective immediately, per the Chairman of the Board and CEO of WWE, Shane is indefinitely suspended.

The crowd chanted “thank you Shane” as he dropped his mic and looked around at the fans before slowly making his way to the back.

As noted, it’s been rumored that this feud is building toward a Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon match at Hell in a Cell.


    Kevin Owens is an idiot…As a Canadian and a true wrestling fan from my early teens, Kevin Owens doesn’t represent wrestling, I can’t stand him he is a joke… Shane kick his ass. Do us canadians a favor PLEASE!!! I must admit this avenue the WWF OK THE WWE has taken with this script, brings that joyful energic attitude era with some new era excitiment. This is gonna be one hell of a show down and McMahon is gonna bring it to us… as a 2 time weekly watcher and fan of wrestling Raw and Smackdown, I finally am seeing some old school roughness with some new era stuff and I for one I am extremely entertained. Can’t weight for the match… a good soild brawl… Owens watch out Shane can dance circles in the ring and lay some serious smackdown. He has been toe too toe with the best of the best and your not even close to his league, you should of been taken notes rather then flapping your gums, wannabe superstar, just remember he probably forgot more then you will ever learn in a WWE ring or in your short career your gonna have as a wwe star…

    • andre

      Dont forget that Shane has also been trained by the best money can buy besides wrestling all of those hard core names. You summed it all up, but to be honest, i think this whole thing is part of the story line.

      • DARRELL

        K O should be sent back to Canada and banded from wrestling in the US,He had no right talking about anyone’s family. Shane should have punched him out.

      • Laverne Alimae Nicholson

        I agree some forget about the story l

  • Moe

    Kevin Owens is stupid and he needs to go back in the line like everyone else in the WWE. Triple H the CEO needS

    • Moe

      Shane McMahon shouldn’t be suspended and Kevin Owens provoked him and he suppose to be the one suspended. Kevin Owens needs to be Fired from WWE cuz honestly he doesn’t add any value to the wwe. Kevin Owens is a whining little prick. They should call him stupid Owens cuz as Chris Jericho would say stupid idoit.

  • disqus_C5NTAcskq3

    So why don’t Stephanie or Triple H get suspended when they put their hands on the employees? Oh I see it’s okay if she smack people in the face and it’s okay if Triple H uses the Pedigree if they feel disrespected! But what’s not okay if a man defends his honor and the honor of his family, oh I get it. Oh and lemme guess, Owens is going to be rewarded a US championship match so he won’t “sue”! If anything, Owens should of been suspended and Vince should of defended the honor of his grandchildren. I guess it shows money over family in this business!

    • andre

      I agree with you, but I also think that this is part of the story line. Owens will be given some sort of a bone (bonus) and Shane and Owens will meet at Hell in the Cell.

  • andre

    This is all part of the story line to get Vince on Tuesday night to promote ratings. This is also the opening round to a possible match between Shane and Owens. Another words, this was all planned. Remember everyone, this is a soap opera in tights and this incident is all part of the drama.

  • Cheryl Chase

    What the hell kevin Owens shouldn’t bring Shane mcmahons family into and what the hell Kevin Owens think he is ? Kevin Owens bring Shane McMahon kids and wife into how do you think how he would react that’s one over protective daddy and husband and Kevin Owens should have been suspended and what bout Stephanie and her husband triple h should be suspended too