shane mcmahon

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live featuring an explosive confrontation between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. The SmackDown Live Commissioner and the former WWE United States Champion met in the ring at the beginning of the show, and they talked trash to each other for a few minutes before things got physical.

Kevin Owens told Shane that his kids would have been better off if he hadn’t survived the helicopter crash he was involved in over the summer, and that’s when Shane lost it. Shane McMahon beat Kevin Owens down, and they had to be pulled apart. Backstage General Manager Daniel Bryan apologized to KO, but Kevin told Bryan that he’s going to sue the McMahon family and take WWE down.

Later in the show Bryan got a phone call backstage and he headed to the ring. Bryan walked down to the ring with no entrance music, and he had a somber look on his face as he called Shane McMahon out to the ring.

Shane then made his way to the ring with no entrance music as the crowd chanted for him and he grabbed a mic.

Bryan scolded Shane McMahon and told him that he can’t assault the employees or the Superstars on SmackDown Live. Shane said he takes full responsibility for his actions, but he went into a blind rage when Kevin Owens crossed the line and brought up his kids.

Shane said he would talk to Kevin Owens and smooth things over, but Bryan told him it’s too late for that. Daniel Bryan told Shane he got a call from Vince McMahon, and effective immediately, per the Chairman of the Board and CEO of WWE, Shane is indefinitely suspended.

The crowd chanted “thank you Shane” as he dropped his mic and looked around at the fans before slowly making his way to the back.

As noted, it’s been rumored that this feud is building toward a Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon match at Hell in a Cell.