seth rollins

Seth Rollins has been out of action ever since Samoa Joe bulldozed his way onto the main roster and re-injured his right knee. Rollins might not be able to get back in the ring, but he is able to show up at his wrestling school, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy in Moline, Illinois.

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The Architect recently posted a tweet while at his Wrestling Academy which shows some of the non-wrestling related activities that have been taking up his time as of late. It’s good to see that Rollins is able to keep himself occupied while he’s rehabbing that knee in time for WrestleMania.

For more information about the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy you can email: [email protected] or visit the official website by clicking here. They’re currently accepting applications for new students and have recently released their upcoming schedule for 2018, so they’re way ahead of the game.

John Cena is a massive man with an even larger work ethic. Super Cena recently put Bray Wyatt over for the second time in one week, but he’s not letting a couple losses slow him down at all. Cena recently sent out a tweet which features him doing some work in slow motion.

He’s rumored to be starting a feud with Miz which will set up a mixed-tag match for WrestleMania, and after that it’s said that he’ll be taking some time off for a little while so he can focus on some of the other objects that he has on his plate like movies, television, and his relationship with Nikki Bella.

Watch this video is you’re a fan of weight lifting, John Cena, or just if you like being impressed.