seth rollins

After WWE officials banned Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp, he began using Triple H’s Pedigree as a finisher in tribute to his mentor. However, Rollins continued using the finisher as a dig against The Game after he was betrayed by Triple H and their conflict began last summer.

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At WrestleMania 33, Seth Rollins got his retribution after defeating Triple H on the Grandest Stage of Them All using the Pedigree. A lot of people believed he would need a new finisher once the rivalry with Triple H was finally over, and it seems like those people were right.

Rollins is now a top babyface for Raw, so many people believed he would begin to use the Phoenix Splash as his finisher, or he could bring back God’s Last Gift from his days in ROH and NXT. But, IWNerd posted a video after Raw this week showing what Rollins is using now.

On paper, the high knee is similar to a move that Kenny Omega uses in New Japan. No one in WWE is using the move, it fits his move-set, and he would be able to perform the knee to anyone. He hasn’t used it on WWE television yet, but it could be his next finishing maneuver.