AJ Styles successfully defended his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura at Money in the Bank, and this week’s episode of SmackDown Live featured a gauntlet match to determine who will challenge AJ for the belt at Extreme Rules.

Daniel Bryan entered the match first and before the match he had an intense stare down with The Bludgeon Brothers who were exiting the ring after their match. Big E then entered and Bryan managed to eliminate Big E.

Samoa Joe then entered to face off with Daniel Bryan. After fighting back and forth for a while, Joe brought Bryan to the outside and locked in the Coquina Clutch as the referee started counting to 10. But Bryan did a backflip off the barricade to put Joe on the ground, and Bryan returned to the ring before the 10 count as Joe was counted out.

The Bludgeon Brothers then entered the ring and attacked Bryan, then The Miz entered the match and hit Daniel Bryan with the Skull Crushing Finale to eliminate him.

It then came down to the final 2 as Rusev entered the match.

The Miz and Rusev put on a good back and forth match, but the end came when Miz charged at Rusev from the corner and Rusev hit Miz with the Machka Kick then locked in the Accolade to make Miz tap out.

After the match AJ Styles came down to the ring and placed the belt on the mat, then he he extended his hand to Rusev, and Rusev showed respect to AJ by shaking his hand. Aiden English went to shake AJ’s hand, but as AJ reached out, English disrespected him by pulling his hand back and AJ punched him.

Rusev will now go on to challenge AJ for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.