Over the last few weeks Lana and Lashley have been in the spotlight on Monday Night Raw and they’ve been taunting Rusev with their public displays of affection.

Last week Lana announced that she had filed a restraining order which prevents Rusev from coming within 90 feet of her, and prior to Raw this week Rusev was served with a restraining order in the state of IL.

The Bulgarian Brute left the Allstate Arena, but he later returned and hopped over the barricade then attacked Bobby Lashley while Lashley was competing in a match against Titus O’Neil.

Rusev proceeded to beat Lashley down, and he brought him up to the top of the ramp then threw him on the announce table.

It looked like Rusev was about to put Lashley through the table, but then the police showed up and handcuffed him while fans chanted “Rusev Day.”

Before Rusev left he charged at Lashley and pushed him off the stage. He then followed up by kicking over a lighting rig which fell on Lashley.

Bobby Lashley was then stretchered out of the arena.

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