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Ronda Rousey has been flirting with WWE for a while now and recent reports have said she’s been seen working out at the WWE Performance Center quite often. She’s taking bumps in the ring and brushing up on her skills. Now Rowdy Ronda looks like she’s ready to go public with her new partnership.

Rousey was spotted at the NXT Riverside show and it was a real treat to have her in the building. She stood around and talked to fans, enjoyed the show, and took in the atmosphere. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ronda Rousey was eyeballing the ring wishing she could be part of the show too.

It was pretty cool to see Rousey make this appearance. Although she didn’t get in the ring she was around and welcomed fans as she made her way around the building as NXT’s guest of honor.

It might only be a matter of time before Rousey is in a WWE ring for a big-time match. Although she’s only slated to appear at WrestleMania so far, there’s always the possibility that the “wrestling bug” will bite Ronda Rousey, whose heroes include many pro wrestlers.

She certainly looked like she was enjoying herself.

The Bullet Club is always looking to add to their ranks if they come across someone sweet enough to join them. They added another member on Saturday night and by the looks of it, he’ll be a perfect fit.

Mr. Juicy has teamed with Bad Luck Fale before in Melbourne City Wrestling but at Saturday night’s November Rain event there was another big event other than Kazuchika Okada performing in the headlining match.

Bad Luck Fale offered Mr. Juicy a slot as a member of the world-famous Bullet Club at the event and as you can see it was gladly accepted. This is a pretty big deal since it’s the latest member to be inducted into the Japanese chapter of The Bullet Club since Leo Tonga’s induction in September. This also marks The Bullet Club’s first-ever Australian member as well.

You can tell how big of a deal this was for Mr. Juicy as he was pretty taken aback by the entire experience. It was a sweet way to end their match, to say the least.

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