roman reigns

CM Punk is set to face Mike Jackson in his second UFC fight in a few weeks, but fans who tuned in to watch his first fight against Mickey Gall know that the bout didn’t end well for Punk because he was defeated in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Roman Reigns was asked if he’ll be watching Punk’s next fight during an interview with Express Sports, and he decided to poke a little fun at the former WWE Champion.

“If it goes longer than 30 seconds… I better prepare my food and drinks early because you never know…”

Reigns also talked about working with John Cena, and he admitted that in the beginning he didn’t want to take advice from Cena, but eventually he changed his mind.

“Early on I didn’t really want to take much advice from Cena, just because I wanted to do things my way and he’s noted that before. That’s the type of guy and type of leader he is. But as I got a little further on and a lot more comfortable in my role I happen to knock on his door, so to speak, and ask him a question or two of what would you do in this situation? What would you think about this? How would you approach this? And he’s been great at helping me. Not only in that regard but in the match and the time I had working with him. It was phenomenal and it’s really nice to have someone help you and sharpen your tools, so to speak. So I’m very grateful for him as well.”

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