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Ever since the conclusion of the Festival of Friendship, fans were under the assumption that Kevin Owens didn’t need friends anymore. Truth be told, KO is actually still just as awesome of a guy as ever and is widely respected and loved in the locker room.

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One man who respects Kevin Owens for not only his wrestling ability, but his amazing personality is The Rock. The People’s Champ recently put up an Instagram post telling an amazing story about when Kevin first came onto The Rock’s radar.

As we previously reported, Rocky posted the following social media update:

Appreciate The Champ himself, Kevin Owens stopping by "The People's Hood" to say hello. People's Hood is the nickname for my dressing rooms. We had a good laugh about the story of when I was training for my WWE comeback and title run (2012) I was training with Kurt Hawkins and Joe Hennig. After our workout, me and Kurt were chopping it up about great independent wrestlers. I said "Dude I just saw this guy last night on YouTube named Kill Steen or something like that. He's amazing." Kurt said, "That's my good friend Kevin Owens". I said "We'll tell your friend he's bad ass and I hope WWE signs him." Now 5yrs later and relentless hard work, he's WWE Universal Champion. I like when good things happen to good hard working people. He's an asshole though for growing a better beard than I can. #RAW #StaplesCenter #PeoplesHood #UniversalChamp #KevinOwens #FightingWithMyFamily

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Kevin Owens sent a reply back to Rocky saying that it was great to see him.

It must feel great for Kevin to know that all the time he spent grinding in the indies was well worth it because he was being noticed. Because of all of his hard work and determination, he now has friends like The Rock.

Dusty Rhodes was taken from the world too soon, and very suddenly just before the 2015 Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Nobody can truly tell the entire story about how many people The American Dream touched and inspired during his long career, and one of those people was certainly Diamond Dallas Page.

On the Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard episode concerning WrestleMania VI, Bruce says that calling DDP to drive his pink Cadillac during Rhythm and Blues’ entrance was Dusty Rhodes’ idea. Page is now set for an induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, and Dusty is undoubtedly looking down on him fondly.

X-Pac recently put up an amazing picture of DDP and The American Dream as he pontificated that there wouldn’t be a better person to induct Dallas into the WWE Hall of Fame than Dream, if he was still with us.

We happen to agree and still miss The American Dream every single day.

Dusty Rhodes’ input into the character development of so many NXT superstars that are now main roster mainstays was unparalleled. Losing The Dream meant that a whole new crop of developmental talent would be robbed of his genius eye for the business that he loved.

NXT is in good hands now with William Regal, Adam Pearce, and others stepping up to fill Rhodes’ gigantic shoes, but if we still had Dusty around who knows what kind of incredible impact he might have already made in the wrestling business in the two years since his passing.