Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship during the first episode of 205 Live, and Swann defended his title at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line on Sunday night.

Rich Swann put his title on the line in a triple threat match, and he defended it against TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. Swann managed to retain his title after he put TJ Perkins away with a spinning kick.

After the match Rich Swann was celebrating in the ring when Neville’s entrance music hit. Neville made his way to the ring with a smile on his face, and it looked like he was going to celebrate with Rich Swann, but he attacked him instead.

TJ Perkins tried to make the save, but Neville ended up beating him down. Neville then threw Rich Swann into the barricade, and he did the same thing to TJ Perkins as the crowd chanted, “Thank you Neville!”

Neville looked vicious, and he put the WWE Cruiserweight Division on notice.