If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of pro wrestling history then you might want to start with something smaller than this unless you have incredibly deep pockets. It seems that Ric Flair’s popularity is outstanding and is evidenced by the fact that his ring-worn red robe just went for an incredible amount of money.

The Nature Boy’s robe auctioned off by Goldin Auctions just captured an unbelievable price tag of over $27,000. You might think that is a lot to pay for a robe, but it was also signed by Ric Flair so that probably adds a pretty penny to the price too, right?

In all honesty, is a pretty sweet robe, but we can think of a few other things to do with $27,000. Of course, when if you have the money and you’ve already bought all the Fingerlings you can this holiday season, buying an authentic Ric Flair robe is probably the next best investment.

We can only imagine this item will appreciate in value so congratulations to the lucky winner. We just wonder when Flair’s made aware that his robe sold for this much if he will start digging through his closet to see what else he can scrounge up, sign, and put on the auction block.

Nia Jax isn’t like most girls and the Samoan Florida resident obviously isn’t a big fan of cold weather. Of course, her WWE travels take her to plenty of cold places but right now Ohio seems to be just too much for her to take.

It looks like Jax went to visit her bestie Alexa Bliss but forgot to bring a jacket. But in reality, there’s no jacket that can really save you from some of those blustering Ohio winds.

I can empathize with Jax at the moment because it really is cold in Ohio Land. This just goes to show that if you should never travel to the Buckeye State without some serious clothing to bundle up just in case the weather takes a chilly turn.



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