When someone says that they retire from pro wrestling you can sometimes take that with a giant grain of sale. After all, the pro wrestling business is addictive and many people in it keep finding themselves drawn back in some way. Sometimes it can take a while before they turn around and show up at a wrestling event once again. But it didn’t take Rich Swann long at all.

Swann is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and he has a lot of people who support him. But he had an unfortunate incident in December last year which caused an investigation of domestic violence and false imprisonment of an adult to be opened. Rich Swann was cleared from all of the alleged charges from the assault on his wife Su Yung but the damage was already done in social court.

Swann made some comments about how he wasn’t getting booked for shows due to the stigma against him from the dismissed charges. Then he announced that he was pulling himself from all of his upcoming indie dates and retiring from pro wrestling. His wife also sent out several words of encouragement as she continued to defend her husband.

But it looks like Rich Swann’s retirement from pro wrestling is a thing of the past because he showed up at Combat Zone Wrestling’s Best Of The Best event and became the 13th man in the tournament. There is a lot of exceptional talent on the card already and Swann was welcomed back with plenty of love.

Rich Swann and CZW have a long history with each other. After all you must be pretty close to a company if you learn their theme song on guitar. Swann was taped a couple times playing the CZW theme song on his acoustic guitar, but his duet with Kevin Owens for the Kevin Steen Show is best one out there.