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Renee Paquette finished up her run with WWE following the SummerSlam pay-per-view last year, and she’s since gone on to launch her own podcast.

During a recent episode of her Oral Sessions podcast Renee talked about her early days in WWE, and she revealed that the company made her get rid of her Canadian accent.

“When I first signed to WWE, they made me take classes to get rid of my Canadian accent. I’m sure it’s more than it is now, but it was very faint and everything. I had to go to Manhattan once a week with this woman and she had to give me words I have to read during the week to make sure that I didn’t mispronounce vowels.”

The former WWE broadcaster also talked about the first event she attended and how she got into wrestling.

“So, I guess I got interested in wrestling probably back in what would’ve been, I was in fourth grade? ’95, I would’ve been in fourth grade, something like that. I was very much into wrestling at that point. It was Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock was coming in. I remember all my friends loving Kane, big Kane fans. I think it was a Monday Night RAW in Toronto. I got to go with my dad. He was a concert promoter and he worked all of the arenas in Toronto. So, I got to hang backstage and meeting, Mick Foley and Chyna. I will always remember that so vividly.”

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