Rusev and Aiden English lit up the world and started a sensation as fans celebrate Rusev Day every day no matter where they are on the globe. But Lana’s repackaging on SmackDown Live this week not only meant she seemingly dropped her accent but she could also be encouraging Rusev to dump Aiden English as someone who is holding him back.

Dave Meltzer opened up on this subject during Wrestling Observer Radio where he admitted WWE just doesn’t see big star potential in Aiden English in spite of how popular Rusev Day is and how much of a part he played in its creation.

“The reality is that Aiden English doesn’t have a look they like, that’s all I can say. His wrestling is fine, his singing is much better than Elias, he’s gotten somebody over like real big but they’re not going to put that tag team over. We’ve seen it because if they were they would have done it already.”

“You know Lana and Rusev they’ve always had a good main event act together Rusev and English is in their minds clearly a very mid-card losing tag team act. You know to give people a few laughs and a little chant. So it’s best for all concerned to put [Lana and Rusev] back together again.”

Lana and Rusev might be a great act but in the end, people are going to miss Aiden English. It might transition into something quite entertaining once Lana and Rusev are a team once again but it could also be funny to see if these three can coexist as a trio for a little while at Rusev’s insistence.

However, it was also noted by both Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer that Rusev kicking Aiden English to the curb would be a pretty heelish thing to do. So no matter how may Rusev Day t-shirts he seems to be selling, Rusev will still be considered a heel in the eyes of WWE’s booking.

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