Randy Orton has been in the professional wrestling business for a long time, and throughout the course of his career he’s feuded with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Now The Viper is in a position where he can help elevate up and coming talent, and last year he found himself wrapped up in a feud with then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Orton discussed the feud with Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions and he talked about why he originally had no interest in working with McIntyre.

“Originally, I had no interest being in there with him. We got closer and closer and he grew on me. We had three or four pay-per-view matches and I slowly learned more about this guy. I watched [Austin’s interview with Drew] and I felt that. I’ve gotten to know him to the point where I know he has a good heart and I know he loves this business and this business has given everything to me and I know he feels the same way. Here we are, let’s do what we can to elevate each other and make what we love as great as we can.

For me to be a threat to you, that helps me, but now you have a hole to dig out of and overcome. Now, he’s got me on my heels. We eventually got there, but it took a couple of months to get there. He’s good in my book.”

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