Earlier this year Paige announced her retirement on Raw, and the next night on SmackDown Live she became the new SmackDown General Manager.

Paige reached a certain point where she knew she wasn’t going to be wrestling anymore, so she started pitching different ideas, and one of her ideas was to make her into the female Paul Heyman.

However, the former Divas Champion recently told TV Insider that Vince McMahon had other plans as it was his idea to put her in the General Manager position.

“I actually pitched the idea, too. I knew a few months back that I pretty much wasn’t going to be wrestling anymore, so I was constantly pitching ideas of what I could do,” Paige said. “Maybe I could manage someone and be the female Paul Heyman. I was constantly pitching. I think Vince [McMahon] already had the idea to make me general manager. That was his idea.”

“…I’m just so happy. It was a rollercoaster of emotions over two days. WWE has been so fantastic. They still believed I should be doing something and gave me such a big role…Shane McMahon really helped me the first couple of weeks. Then he stepped down, so I could solidify my spot. I have been having so much fun. I love working with the girls and guys.”

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