Even though NXT has become a strong brand that can stand on its own over the last few years, it’s still technically WWE’s developmental brand, and a place where up and coming stars can tweak their gimmicks and make changes if necessary.

It looks like one NXT team may be getting a name change, as TM-61 continued their heel turn on the most recent episode of NXT.

After the team defeated their opponents they told the other tag teams to kneel before them and call them The Mighty.

Prior to joining WWE, the team was originally known as The Mighty Don’t Kneel, and it appears that they’re now adopting a similar name.

As noted, the opening matches of the WWE United Kingdom Title Tournament are taking place at Download Festival this weekend, and at least one wrestler has already advanced to the next round.

WWE announced via Twitter that Ashton Smith defeated Joseph Conners to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament.