Unfortunately yet another NXT star is out of action due to injury, as Dave Meltzer recently reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Riddick Moss has suffered a torn achilles tendon, and he could be out of action for up to 8 months.

Riddick’s former tag team partner Tino Sabatelli also recently suffered a torn pec, and it’s expected that he could be out of action for up to 8 months as well.

Drew McIntyre made his return to the WWE main roster a few weeks ago, and he’s currently teaming up with Dolph Ziggler on Monday Night Raw.

McIntyre recently spoke to WWE.com about what makes their team so special, and he noted that together they will lead by example.

“In the end, it trickles down from the top to the bottom. WWE Raw is the No. 1 sports-entertainment show in the world. If it starts to suffer, the rest of the sports-entertainment world starts to suffer,” McIntyre claimed. “Together, we can bring a new era into WWE and lead them into where they need to be. We are truly leading by example, no matter how anyone sees us. This is for everyone’s own good.”