If you turn on the news and are disheartened by some of what you see, you’re not the only one. Velveteen Dream is obviously tired of all the depressing and infuriating news he keeps seeing on a weekly basis and recently sent out a heartfelt message to the children of America to voice his concerns and apologize in the process.

In a rather poetic message, Dream relayed his thoughts about how society is full of institutions who continue to fail the children and WWE Superstars are apparently not immune to finger pointing either.

You can read the entire message below which we have transcribed for you:

“Dear Children Of America,

I’m sorry. My heart breaks as news of another shooting takes my timeline hostage. The Government, the Education system, and Law Enforcement continue 2 fail U. As I sit thinking of the entertainers like myself, who collect paychecks stained by the tears of so many discouraged Americans, I say sorry.

We the Pop Culture leaders of the current generation R failing U. We have a responsibility 2 speak and act in a manner that promotes positivity & hope.

Yet we play blind as if we can’t see anything past the bright lights we perform under.

We play deaf as if we can’t hear anything over the sounds of adulation and grandeur.

I Hear The Screams Of Tormented Souls and The Parade of Bullets flying through the air. I smell the fear of the children and it makes me weak.

Children R the future and a lack of future makes our nation weak.

I’m so sorry that we’ve failed U.”

It might not be fair to blame all of society’s problems on WWE Superstars or the entertainment industry. Truth be told, you probably couldn’t blame much on them in the end because they have almost nothing to do with police brutality or government policies. But they do have a solid voice which can influence change and Dream obviously realizes that fact.

If anything, this should give some people a great reason to list Velveteen Dream as one of their favorite stars in NXT.

It’s still a pretty great message even if you don’t agree with everything he is saying. I just have to wonder if playing blind and deaf is a personal choice of a company directive in some instances.