Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s partnership as #DIY came to a shocking end at NXT Takeover: Chicago when they failed to regain the Tag Team Championships from The Authors Of Pain.

Ciampa attacked his long-time friend and Gargano hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the beat down. Ciampa did appear on NXT following the attack and explained that it was because he was about to be replaced and he’s not replaceable.

News this week has revealed that Ciampa’s injury will now keep him out of action until around March 2018, which means that Gargano will have to step into a feud with someone else in the meantime.

Gargano has only been seen on NXT TV as a tag team wrestler alongside Ciampa, but the duo did have a standout match against each other as part of the Cruiserweight Classic.

This could be a new start for Gargano who can now prove himself on his own despite being the victim of an attack from his former friend and now he’s unable to get revenge until Ciampa is cleared to return to WWE TV.

Triple H could have a great plan to instead build Gargano up over the next few months so that he is ready when Ciampa returns and both men are then on the same kind of level. Either way, it will be interesting to see what Gargano moves onto when he returns next week.