john cena

The Bella Twins have been raising their profile in the entertainment world for years now, and recently people have been talking about their new book “Incomparable.”

Nikki Bella was in a high profile relationship with John Cena for a number of years, and it was recently revealed that John Cena and WWE had editorial rights to the book.

The Bella Twins appeared on Better Together with Maria Menounos, and during the interview Nikki revealed that John Cena had a sex story cut out of the book.

“With John though, there wasn’t even anything bad written. It was more beautiful things that were taken out. There was one sex story that I understood. It was great for him! I was kinda like, don’t you want high fives on that!? … We were wild, and he was strong… so it was a great story.”

“Incomparable” is out now and the full interview can be seen below.

H/T Wrestling Inc.