nick aldis

Nick Aldis is the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and he’s also a former Impact Wrestling World Champion. But despite his impressive accomplishments, Aldis just can’t see to catch a break when it comes to getting an opportunity from WWE.

Aldis recently spoke Inside Wrestling Radio, and he talked a little bit about why WWE won’t sign him.

“If I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I’m not in the WWE, I’d never have to wrestle again. For different bulls–t political reasons and for different personal reasons, they won’t give me an opportunity there.”

Nick Aldis also shared his thoughts on the current state of professional wrestling, and he noted that he thinks it’s a good age for wrestling.

“I think it is a good age. I think we’re on our way. I would love to see it get to a point where it was in the 80’s with sold out shows for all different promotions and different guys. I was actually having this conversation with my wife [Mickie James] yesterday. There’s a core group of guys who are not in the WWE, around the world there are probably 20 or 30 of them, and obviously it is completely subjective. I don’t believe in star systems, ratings systems because it is a subjective thing. It is entertainment. There is no measurable metric. Having said that, in terms of the revenue they make and generate by the fans, there are a group of guys who are sort of considered on a higher level than some of the guys within the WWE – not all of the guys in the WWE but certainly some of them. Obviously in other eras, there were those that implied that. But now, there are things to sort of quantify that.”