nia jax

Some of the biggest names started out taking bumps and doing jobs in the ring. The Hardy Boyz were once Brock Lesnar’s punching bags and now they’re icons in sports entertainment. Dean Ambrose was once a nobody losing a nothing match on television but now he’s the Lunatic Fringe. There are so many more names you can add to this list and now you could possibly include another one soon enough.

Squared Circle Sirens reports Savanna Stone wrestled as Vanessa Floyd on Raw this week and played a great bag of sand for Nia Jax to toss around the ring. It was quite brutal but Stone took everything thrown at her. In the end, Nia Jax pinned her enhancement talent with ease but it made a lasting impression on her because after the match Jax went on to praise her opponent.

It turns out Nia Jax was wrestling someone very young with a lot of promise because her opponent was just 17-years-old. Savanna Stone, trained by Michael Elgin is the current Zero1 USA Women’s Champion and she’s also a high school student.

People have always broken into the pro wrestling business as early as possible and this trend hasn’t stopped to this day because where there is a passion for the business you can’t really stop someone who wants to make it their life. It also helps to have a parental waiver signed.

Savanna Stone had a pretty good showing against Nia Jax even though she also took a lot of bumps in the process, at least she didn’t end up in the hospital like one 16-year-old indie wrestler when he took some brass knuckles to the face after a match. After all, Nia Jax doesn’t need brass knuckles because she’s The Rock’s cousin.

This might not be the last time we see Savanna Stone in the ring and if we do meet her again, we’ll always have these clips of her squash match against the Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls to remind us where she started.