new day

Each and every week The New Day make their way out into the arena and they tell us that we shouldn’t be sour, and that we should instead feel the power. Well unfortunately it looks like The New Day have a reason to be sour this week, because one of their members is injured and they will need surgery. is reporting that Kofi Kingston injured his right ankle last week when the team was attacked by The Revival, and according to the report, Kofi will be missing “several weeks” of in-ring action.

“During the attack by The Revival, Kofi injured his right ankle and heard a crack, and was unable to put weight on his leg following the attack,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann told “Further evaluation and an MRI revealed that the attack had caused fragments of bone to break off the ankle bone (talus), requiring arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone chips from the damaged joint.”

A few days ago Big E posted a picture of Kofi Kingston in a hospital bed, and the picture got a lot of people talking. Big E didn’t reveal why Kofi was sitting in a hospital bed, but now we know the reason.

Luckily there are three members of The New Day, so the team can still operate while Kofi is out of action. The WWE “Superstar Shake-up” is set to kick off on Raw this week, and it’s been rumored that The New Day could be moving to SmackDown Live.