Sometimes you can be on top of the world in WWE and the next thing you know it there isn’t a place for you in the story. Neville very well might have found himself in a spot where he went from being King Of The Cruiserweights to ultimately frustrated with the overall landscape of not only the Cruiserweight Division but WWE as a whole.

The fact is Neville has the ability to work with much larger guys as well. In fact, he excelled at taking on opponents he could really sink his teeth into. Much like Austin Aries before him, they both took on competitors of all sizes in NXT and while traveling the world applying their craft before coming to WWE. Now it looks like similar to Aries, Neville might be taking off as well.

All of that frustration might have finally come to a head for Neville as there are reports saying Neville walked out of the building before Raw went on the air this week in Indianapolis. There are even rumors he asked for his early release.

It has previously been reported how the plans for Raw last night were changed. Some of those alterations might have been due to the fact that The King Of The Cruiserweights might have vacated his crown and left his kingdom.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on the incident as well where they backed up the fact there might be some truth to this claim. Little is known about the situation at this point but there is the chance we might be having another Superstar leaving the company due to frustrations in creative’s direction.

Neville will be just fine if he decides to set out on his own as it’s worked out well for guys like Cody and there could be more on the way. But let’s hope he doesn’t burn the bridge entirely if he does leave because it would be great to see Neville back on the big WWE stage again but this time not limited to the 205 Live roster.

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